However,  without consultation, that is, having a discussion first with an expert who knows the industry who will be able to assess your needs and what you expect on your vacation is of great importance and advantage to you.

Because of my own personal regretful experience with using an online booking site and directly with the resort without expert guidance, It resulted with me booking to travel at the wrong time based on what I  needed, not able to access additional discounts and choosing the wrong resort based on my needs at the time. I wish for you NOT to experience that but to leave the stress of research to us so all you need to do it travel.

Yes, I charge a very reasonable consultation fee for researching, advising and making direct contacts on your behalf to ensure your trip is successful based on what you desire and that you do enjoy your journey. I believe for your peace of mind it’s worth it.

Our service is offered 24/7. 
Emails are responded to within the same day sent.
If your call is unanswered for any reason, possibly due to assisting another client, please leave a message and your call will be returned.

Yes, persons are still travelling and taking their vacations even with the pandemic, because of the sanitizing facilities and strategies that are put in place by the airlines and the resorts as approved by the health authorities, persons are more confident to travel. All you have to do is to follow those procedures to stay safe and have a great vacation enjoying your journey.


1.       Face to face at the business address
2.       Virtually by ZOOM
3.       Phone calls